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10th Bernstein Sparks Workshop: Multichannel interfacing of neuronal networks at different spatial scales

Multichannel recording systems offer the possibility to sample neuronal activity not only at a single location, but at distributed points across a neural system at question. Spatial scale of such systems and respective methods for multichannel sampling vary as the system size ranges from subcellular to multiregional. High-­‐dimensional data obtained with such measurements allow for dissection of spatio-­‐temporal dynamics and information processing mechanisms of various neural systems in vitro and in vivo. 

Sampling of neural signals at high resolution at each spatial scale brings about different technical challenges. In vitro arrays that provide highly localized electrical interfacing to a single cells or small neuronal network require resolution of few micrometers and below. In vivo intracortical multichannel sampling of multiple neurons, interlaminar and inter-­‐regional local field potentials and surface field potentials require minimally invasive and biocompatible recording arrays with well controlled geometry.

Proper design and application of these tools requires combination of advanced microfabrication methods, application strategies and data analysis. Major advances have been recently made both in design of neuroelectronic interfaces to a cell membrane (e.g. use of organic transistors), use of biocompatible and flexible materials, minimally invasive designs, as well as advances of the sensing capabilities to local chemical cues, e.g. provided by neurotransmitter release. Economical and powerful tools for acquisition of multichannel signals have been recently introduced to cope with increasing dimensionality of recording arrays. New high-­dimensional data, in turn, brought number of challenges and opportunities for novel data analysis.

The workshop will bring together internationally renowned groups working in the field of multichannel recording in neural systems ranging from single neuron and small neural circuits in vitro to large scale interconnected networks in vivo addressing aspects from novel technology development, applications, as well as data analysis and modelling. The workshop will include invited talks as well as informal discussions to elucidate the common principles that can be studies across different spatial scales and neural systems, as well as strengths and open challenges of the different approaches.


Speakers (confirmed)
Gautam Agarwal (Champalimaud, Lisbon)
Axel Blau (IIT, Genova)
Luca Berdondini (IIT, Genova)
Pascal Fries (ESI MPI, Frankfurt)
Fabian Kloosterman (IMEC, Leuven)
Sotiris Masmanidis (California Nanosystems Institute, UCLA)
Patrick Ruther (IMTEK, Freiburg)
Markus Siegel (Centre for Integrative Neuroscience, Tübingen)
Thomas Stieglitz (IMTEK, Freiburg)
Daniel Wójcik (Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Warsaw)

Poster submissions are highly encouraged. Please submit title and author list to Kay Thurley.

Local organizers
Anton Sirota, Bernhard Wolfrum, Kay Thurley

Bernstein Zentrum München
Bernstein Koordinationsstelle (BCOS)

Evangelische Akademie Tutzing

June 28-29, 2016

Workshop fees per person
Workshop registration only (incl. lunch, dinner and coffee breaks):
For members of the Bernstein Network and the Bernstein Association for Computational Neuroscience: 120 €
For non-members: 160 €

+ accommodation in single room (incl. breakfast), June 28-29: +90 €
accommodation in double room (incl. breakfast), June 28-29: +70 €

For registration please fill in the form here. Registration deadline May 27, 2016. For questions please contact Kay Thurley.