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Navigation in Animals, Men and Machines

Coordinator: Stefan Glasauer

Navigation by biological and man-made systems relies on coding of space, object localization, spatial memory, and motion detection, and utilizes invariant stimulus representations and multimodal interaction for choosing the appropriate actions.

Related Projects

B-T4: Cellular integration of hippocampal sharp-wave ripple currents. (C. Leibold & F. Felmy)

B-T6: Influence of sensory conditions on the hippocampal population code for space (K. Thurley, C. Leibold, A. Sirota)

C4: How Neuronal Representations of Space-Time Lead to Action (L. van Hemmen, M. Buss & G. Cheng)

D3: Cognition and Neural Plasticity (A. Sirota)

D-T1: Efficient coding in the vestibular system (P. MacNeilage, M. Kleinsteuber)