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Individual Projects

The Bernstein Center Munich has an interdisciplinary and comparative approach to answer the question of how living organisms (have learnt to) solve the hard computational problems inherent to spatio-temporal information processing: Through theoretical concepts and methods (Projects A2-A3), we aim to advance and closely connect experimental neuroscience (Projects B1 B-T7), engineering (Projects C1  C-T3) and translational research to medicine (Projects D2 and D-T1).

Method Development

  • Project B-T6  Influence of sensory conditions on the hippocampal population code for space. Kay Thurley (LMU), Christian Leibold (LMU), and Anton Sirota (LMU)
  • Project B-T7  Neuronal activation of striking patterns in arboreal snakes. Patrick van der Smagt (VW), Tobias Kohl (TUM), and Hans Straka (LMU)

Technical Applications

    Clinical Translation

    • Project D3  Cognition and Neural Plasticity. Anton Sirota (LMU)
    • Project D-T1  Efficient coding in the vestibular system. Stefan Glasauer (LMU), Paul MacNeilage (LMU), and Martin Kleinsteuber (TUM)