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Research Topics

The main scientific focus of the Bernstein Center Munich lies on the investigation and understanding of Neural Representations of Space and Time. Convenient processing of space and time in the brain is of fundamental importance for the survival of organisms – from the localization of objects by auditory and visal cues to the planning and neuronal control of future movements. To answer the question of how living organisms (have learnt to) solve the hard computational problems inherent to spatio-temporal information processing, the Bernstein Center Munich has an interdisciplinary and comparative approach:

Through theoretical concepts and methods (A), we aim to advance and closely connect experimental neuroscience (B), engineering (C) and translational research to medicine (D). Six sub-themes foster intense scientific and methodological interactions strongly interlink the Center’s Principial Research Projects. Projects concerning Invariant Representations, Population Codes and Multimodal Interactions address key concepts of neural computation and set the stage for understanding representations of space-time on the single-cell, network, and system’s level. Projects concerning Closed-Loop Technologies, Hearing & Neuroprostheses and Navigation forge methodological links across projects and cover important application aspects.

Overview of Ongoing Research Projects at Bernstein Center Munich

Method DevelopmentBiological MechanismsTechnical Applications
Clinical Translation



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