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Periodic population codes - new publication by Herz et al. News Item
Waggle dance of the honeybee - new publication by Ai et al. News Item
Symposium: Biophysics of perception, October 23, 2017 News Item
Post-Doctoral position in the group of Bernhard Seeber News Item
DAGA 2018 - Registration is open! News Item
Post-Doctoral position in the group of Anton Sirota News Item
Bernstein Network Arts Call News Item
Explaining Grid-Cell Firing - new publication by Monsalve-Mercado and Leibold News Item
Miniscope Workshop Munich, May 22-23 2017 News Item
Two postdoctoral positions in the NST group at TU Munich News Item
Human Echolocation - new publication by Flanagin et al. News Item
PhD/postdoc position in the group of Julijana Gjorgjieva News Item
Musculoskeletal Robots - new publication by Richter et al. News Item
Talking Science with Gina Turrigiano -- December 14-15 2016 News Item
Auditory spatial updating - new publication by Genzel et al. News Item
Binaural Glimpses at the Cocktail Party? - new publication by Lingner et al. News Item
Unsupervised spike-sorting with convolutive ICA - new publication by Leibig et al. News Item
The Role of Rhodopsin 1 in Color Vision - new publication by Garbers et al. News Item
Estimation of self-motion duration and distance in rodents - new publication by Kautzky & Thurley News Item
Munich Neuroscience Lecture Series starts on May 2, 2016 News Item