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Somatosensory Influence on Vertical Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex - new publication by Glasauer and Straka labs News Item
online Bernstein Conference 2020 - call for abstracts News Item
Spike Afterpotentials Shape In Vivo Burst Activity - new publication by Csordás et al. News Item
Bernstein Conference 2020 goes online News Item
Towards improved cochlear implants - new publications by Hemmert lab News Item
Why grid‐cell discharge is so variable - new publication by Nagele et al. News Item
A model for navigation in unknown environments - new publication by Christian Leibold News Item
Talking Science with Adrienne Fairhall - November 25-26 News Item
Tuft dendrites of pyramidal neurons - new publication by Eberhardt et al. News Item
Talking Science with Matteo Carandini - December 12-13 News Item
Multivariate classification of neuroimaging data - New publication by Jamalabadi et al. News Item
Grid-Cell Activity on Linear Tracks - New publication by Proell et al. News Item
PhD student position in Cellular Neuroenergetics News Item
Open positions for computational neuroscience and machine learning News Item
PhD position in Behavioural Neuroscience / Neuroethology News Item
Subpolulations of Place Fields - new publication by Haas et al. News Item
Psychophysical evidence for auditory motion parallax - new publication by Genzel et al. News Item
PhD student/postdoc in Sensory and Behavioral Neuroscience News Item
Phd Position in Computer Science News Item
Talking Science with Christof Koch - December 20-21 News Item