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Miniscope Workshop Munich, May 22-23 2017

Miniscope is an open-source miniature 1-photon fluorescence microscope designed in the labs of Peyman Golshani and Alcino Silva (UCLA). Miniscope can be head-mounted even on a small freely-moving animal and used for imaging activity of large number (hundreds) of neurons in deep regions of the brain via a miniature lens. We'd like to help wide body of researchers in Munich to be able to use this inexpensive yet powerful neuroscience tool.

Miniscope Methodology Workshop in Munich will be given by Miniscope developers group from UCLA and will allow a large number (up to 30 people) of students and postdocs to get comprehensive training on the methodology (assembly of the devices, implantation, acquisition and analysis of the data), as well as to form a network for future collaborative usage and further development of Miniscope methodology. In addition, we optionally plan to order all necessary parts that would allow trainees to build their own miniscope during the course and take it to their lab to start using right away.

The workshop will take place on May 22-23 (full days) at the Biocentrum, Martinsried Campus LMU.

To participate send an email to, indicate the institution and lab you are affiliated with, your supervisor’s name, shortly mention the planned usage of miniscope, whether you and your lab will be interested in building your own miniscope during the workshop. We urge you to apply as soon as possible to help better plan and fund the event, given that number of available places is limited.

More information is provided in the attached pdf and on the webpage Please, check for the updates.

More information can be found here.

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